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Mother - Chorus of One

by Raphaëlle Collou

I am a woman
I am a dune
I am love and fears and strengths
A learner, a guide
A mother.

Welcome to unfiltered motherhood! Enjoy the ride and you just might understand your mother better, or realise you are not the only mum to have ever felt this way.

Mother - Chorus of One is a solo piece oscillating between spoken-word and physical theatre, open-heart surgery and true, unfiltered joy on a journey to rediscover the self. A collage of thoughts about early motherhood mostly, but womanhood also - not quite the same thing.


It is about finding space, as a parent and a human, to heal and grow while carrying out the biggest and most beautiful responsibility anyone could ever have: another life.


It is about holding space for other mothers to find the village so many of us lack. And an opportunity for each of us, parent or not, to build this village with the compassion and understanding our society so greatly needs.


Memorable writer-performer Raphaëlle Collou’s language is raw and joyful, peppered with her native French and supported by the physicality of the dancer she once was - and she hopes she still is.

This piece is currently in development. It was performed as a work in progress on July 16th 2023 at Cambridge Junction as part of Hotbed Theatre Festival, the Cambridge New Writing theatre festival produced by Menagerie Theatre Company, co-produced with the Cambridge Junction. It received overwhelmingly positive feedback.


I found beauty in my scars
I found beauty in the softness of my hand on them
A bit of peace

Special thanks to

Ailsa, Alan, Carla, Paul, Nina, Rebecca, Steph, Courtney, Jolanta, Kate, Mary, Scarlett, Lizzy, Elin, Emma, Natalie, Clare, Elly, Sarah, Joanne, Rosalind, Hannah, Jo, Jo (not the same one), Ginnie, Amy, Jo (yet another one). 


And Rob, always.


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